'20 Benefits of Travelling Not 7 Benefits
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Whenever we hear the word “traveling”, the first thing that comes to our mind is the famous sentence: “The 7 benefits of traveling” and we start hearing the same benefits that we all know. But, today Blue Ray finds that traveling has 20 benefits not 7. These benefits are:

  1. All of us suffer from the daily work routine and lots of pressure. So, traveling let you relax and be more energetic,
  2. Another psychological benefit from traveling is that if you suffer from depression, traveling allow you to overcome it and renew your energy,
  3. Traveling helps in unleashing your potentials and makes you more creative,
  4. If you are a lover of knowledge, traveling will help you to know a lot and a lot,
  5. Travelling allows you to know different cultures, customs and traditions which will affect your character,
  6. From a cultural side, traveling is an important factor in exchanging science and arts from a country to another,
  7. If you are a social person and a lover of making friends, so traveling is very important for you,
  8. Also, if you want to test your ability of responsibility, so traveling will let you,
  9. From a religious side, traveling allow you to perform some religious rituals like Hajj and Umrah. Also, do not forget that the doua’a of the traveler is accepted,
  10. From an economic side, traveling is a way of enhancing the income in case you got a good job offer abroad,
  11. From a medical side, there are many countries that are famous for medical cure like the sand and the sulphurous water that cure lots of diseases,
  12. Travelling can be for entertainment only; as you want to change the place and the people you meet every day,
  13. If you are the type of persons who fear from the unknown. So, traveling allow you to get rid of that fear and depend on yourself,
  14. Travelling gives you more self-confidence as you are alone and allow you to discover many aspects in your character,
  15. If you are a lover of adventure, so traveling allow you to travel to different countries and explore many different lifestyles,
  16. Also, there are many countries that are famous for adventure sports, so you will be able to test the adventure and climb the mountains,
  17. Travelling allow you to kill your curiosity via living in different countries,
  18. Travelling will make you more patient and learn you how to be more flexible as you are alone and you will learn patience,
  19. Travelling will help you in opening a new branch of your work in a new country,
  20. Finally, travelling will let you know your inner abilities.


If you want to renew your energy and become an optimistic person, so traveling is the best choice for you.

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