'5 Things to do in Greece

If you’re a traveler, it means that you’ve visited Greece once at least if not, you must add it to your list. Greece is a magical country that has a lot of attractions such as its spectacular islands, great heritage, and natural products that help in giving your body the treat it needs.

In the following, Blue Ray will tackle 5 things you must do in Greece:

  • Islands: Greece has more than 2000 unpopulated islands. While visiting Greece, you shall never miss enjoying the natural picturesque of Santorini island especially if you spend your honeymoon vacation as it’s known by its white houses and blue domes and the boundless romance. Also, don’t forget to visit Samos island, Rhodes, Chios, and others.
جزر اليونان- Islands
  • Meditation: Your body is tired, exhausted, and need to be treated? In Greece, you’ll find beneficial Greek plants, minerals, and other natural substances that used in creating skin care products, they’re inexpensive. So, don’t forget to bring some of them back home to continue the therapy of your body and skin.
  • Mount Athos: This mount is one of the few places around the world that has a prohibition on entry for females either they’re women or female animals. As according to an old belief that says that while Virgin Mary’s trip to Cyprus, she saw the mount and she loved it so she asked her son to give it to her and since that she considered it as hers and from that it is called the “Garden of Virgin Mary” and she was the only woman that is allowed to visit it.
جبل آثوس-Mount Athos
  • Mystras City: It’s called as fantastic Morea. It is located in an amphitheater around the castle. Also, it’s characterized by its great heritage as it’s got opened by the Byzantines, Turks, and the Venetians. After that, it was abandoned in 1832; leaving breathtaking medieval ruins.
مدينة ميستراس-Mystras City
  • Delphi Theater: It’s one of the most important world heritage landmarks in UNESCO. It was built on a high hill in the 4th century BC. It contains 35 rows and can bear around 5000 spectators. What’s really amazing about this theater is that it has a wonderful sound quality as it can reach every spectator. Also, from an above scene of the theater, you can see the entire sanctuary and the spectacular landscape below.
مسرح دلفي-Delphi Theater


There still a lot of things that you can do in Greece.

Stay tuned for more.

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