'6 Travelling Facts You Should Discover by Yourself
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Travelling is just a special adventure that differs from any other experience because you won’t know how beautiful it is unless you try it. However, reading about travelling and listening to others’ experiences (those who travel a lot), is not enough at all as still there are a lot of secrets that you will never know unless you travel. Also, there will always be some smart tricks and details that no one will tell you about! That’s why, we got some tips to help you to arrange your trip in a perfect way:

1- Travelling is Not Expensive

Many people think that travelling is so expensive and needs a lot of money, but the truth is that there are many ways that enable you to arrange your trip with the cheapest prices. It includes searching for airlines that are cheaper than the famous airlines and choosing transit trips instead of the direct ones.

2- Accommodation

There are many cheap ways concerning the place that you will live at there. One can search online about the cheapest places to stay in. Also, there are other ways like renting a room in one of the citizens’ house, or even live in a hostel.

3- Stay Connected

Of course, you have to stay connected with your family and friends during your trip, but don’t use the phone lines of your country. You can buy a mobile line from the country you’ll travel to as it will be much cheaper.

4- Good Search

Searching about the country that you will travel to will save a lot of time. Search about all the places you want to visit, how to go to it, and how far it is. In addition, one can search about the types of transportations and its prices.

5- Split your Money

It’s one of the rules during travelling! … Don’t put all your money in one place, split it and put part of it in your wallet and part in the bag and so on, in order to guarantee that you will not lose all your money if someone robbed you.

6- Discovering New Places

The main core of travelling is “adventure”, so you have to find new places in the country that you are going to visit and know its famous touristic places.


Travelling is not a complicated process as many people think. It is an interesting useful experience, so you have to try it and bear in mind the previous tips.

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