'Adventure in Africa

Tourism in Africa is completely different from any other place in the world as no matter how many European countries you’ve visited, amazing adventures you’ve gone through, or touristic nights you’ve spent. In the end, you’ll figure out that Africa is the best as it’s one of the fewest places all over the world that still preserves its nature.

In Africa, you’re not going to find many luxurious leisure facilities like any other place. On the contrary, what’s really distinctive about Africa is the amazing primitive life.

Let’s tackle some of Africa’s incredible places.

    • Masai Mara – Kenya: Imagine living among the green nature, the attractive waterfalls, surrounded by the wild animals that some of them exist only there such as lions, tigers, leopards, elephants, hippos, and giraffes. Also, you can enjoy watching the annual migration of horses, zebras, and wildebeests. Despite their living in the jungles, Maasai tribe is so friendly as they always take tourists in tours to enjoy the wildlife.
    • Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe, Zambia: Victoria Falls considered as one of the biggest falls in the world as its width equal 1708 meter and its height is 108 meter. It was named after Queen Victoria, the queen of England. Also, it’s located in south Africa on Zambere River, the fourth largest river in Africa. A lot of people visit Victoria falls just to enjoy this scene and forget about the world.
  • Medjumbe Island – Mozambique: It’s one of the best destinations for the honeymoon due to its calmness and fresh air. In medjumbe, you’ll enjoy an entertaining vacation and a distinctive romantic trip in addition to its great water sports and famous red coral.

So, if you’re looking for a new wonderful vacation among nature to forget all about your daily routine and get refreshed, Africa is the place for you.

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