'Baron Palace .. Horror Legend in Heliopolis

We frequently hear about the horror or the ghosts palace in Heliopolis.

But who knows its story? Who is the owner of the palace? Why does it call as the “ghosts palace”?

Blue Ray will tell you the whole Story

The palace owner is the Belgian millionaire “Edward Empain” who arrived Egypt in the 19th century after the opening of the Suez Canal. Empain was a traveler who loved India so much as he lived there for a long time and he was obsessed with their lifestyle and everything that is related to the Indian people.

All of this was before he goes to Egypt which he loved more than anything else as he decided to live the rest of his life in Egypt and he wrote in his will that he want to be buried in it even if he died abroad.

إدوارد إمبان-Edward Empain

So, he decided to build an awesome palace to live in. He traveled a lot to find the appropriate design as he was a fan of architectural art.

After a while, he found the one in a French gallery: a design that combines the European and the Indian architecture by the French artist “Alexander Marcel”.

He bought the design and get back to Egypt to start building the amazing palace in El Orouba Street which took 5 years to be finished.

It was a luxury palace, with a lot of marble statues of elephants. However, what is really distinctive about it, was the revolving tower which completes a full cycle every hour.

ألكسندر مارسيل-Alexander Marcel

The Ghosts’ Story

There was a secret room in the palace that none of the maids or the baron’s sister and daughter are allowed to get into. It was located in the basement of the palace and leads to a long corridor that leads to the Church of the Basilica where Baron got buried after his death.

The other story is about his sister, baroness “Helena” who fell off her room’s window while the baron was in the revolving tower heading to the south and at the same moment the gears of the tower broke down and since that the tower stopped spinning.

People say that they hear a sound of a fight between the baron and his sister after her death which makes them believe that he evoked her spirit to apologize for not saving her.

قصة الأشباح-The Ghosts Story


Baron Palace is one of the characteristic monuments in Egypt that its fame reached all over the world as many foreigners ask to shoot their horror movies there.

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