'Best 5 Touristic Countries in Ramadan

People used to spend their vacations before or after Ramadan. They prefer to spend Ramadan in praying and worshiping. On the contrary, Ramadan is considered as one of the main touristic seasons in many countries. It is a good chance to discover different traditions and to increase the religious culture too. Most of the Islamic and the Arab touristic countries are a good destination with different traditions. However, there are countries that care a lot about offering special Ramadan services including:

Mecca and Al-Madina

The religious tour is used to be active all over the year in Mecca and Al-Madina. However, it became more active in Ramadan. As, at the last ten days of Ramadan, the great mosque of Mecca (Al-Masjid Al-Haram) and the prophet’s mosque (Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi) welcome millions of Muslims. Moreover, having Iftar in the great holy mosque is considered as something so precious that every Muslim wish he could have. Besides, it worth to mention, that trading became active in these days.


Turkey is one of the unique countries in Ramadan. Turkey’s traditions are like the Islamic countries especially in this holy month. The Turkish mosques are decorated and the minarets are lighted starting from El-Maghreb prayer till Al-Fajr prayer time. In Turkey, there is also the group Iftar. In addition, there are many sightseeing places –cultural and religious– in Turkey to be visited in Ramadan.


Malaysia is an Islamic country that has a modern civilization. It keeps its Islamic traditions and heritage -as well- especially in Ramadan. One can spend a very special Ramadan at the amazing Malaysian mosques. Also, there is Halal Food (the animals that have been slaughtered according to the Islamic rules). One will enjoy a special Ramadan in Malaysia.


Dubai is an Arab Islamic country with a modern European style. However, it keeps and preserves all the Islamic identity and traditions. Although Dubai is a meeting point for a lot of nationalities, it is an amazing place in Ramadan. Different people with different nationalities have Iftar with each other. There are many types of food from different cultures. In addition, Gomaira mosque and the Grand mosque are considered as the most important mosques in Dubai.


Besides being a special touristic country, Ramadan is a different one in Egypt. Egyptians streets welcome this month with a lot of decoration and lanterns. The mosques also are ready to welcome people especially to pray “Taraweeh”. Egypt also is famous for its amazing places for Iftar like Al-Hussien and El-Sayda Zeinab.


Ramadan may be a good chance to do a special trip. One can enjoy the spiritualities and discovering new cultures too.

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