'4 Worth Watching Breathtaking Beaches

Entertainment Tourism has become an essential part of our life as it helps us to run away from the pressure of work. That’s why every human being should have a vacation to renew his power. Also, it shall take into consideration choosing the right place for the vacation isn’t an easy matter. So, this article will give you a hand if you’re searching for a unique adventure for your vacation.

    • White Beach in the Philippines

Besides its attractive white color, this beach is characterized by the warm sand and water which never get hot due to sun rays, that’s why it’s considered as a great destination for the sunbathing lovers. Also, this beach is located in Boracay which is one of the Philippine islands and it’s considered as the pulse of the city as it has lots of restaurants and markets.

    • Greece Navagio Beach

Whenever you find a breathtaking spot of pure water and white beach amid the rocky slopes of Greece, you’ll realize that you’ve finally reached a piece of heaven which is called Navagio beach. Also, you should know that this place can be reached only by boats, but if you’re searching for a special adventure using the small boat will give you what you’re searching for.

    • Shining Beach of the Maldives

It is one of the strangest beaches all over the world which has recently known by shining a blue light in the moonlight due to the existence of some phytoplankton which gets light up because of the movement of the waves. Also, what is special about this island is that if you’re traveling to it from Egypt, you will not need a visa and you’ll be able to get it as soon as you reach the island, furthermore you’ll be allowed to stay there for a month without a visa.

    • Pink Sand Beach

Beaches are known for its yellow and white sand but have you ever seen a pink sand?

Well.. let me tell you that you’ll only be able to see such view in Harper’s island (Bahamas). Also, the merge between the pink sand and the turquoise color of water, formed a natural encaustic which is the reason that this beach became an important touristic place worldwide.


There’s no doubt that beaches and resorts which overlook the sea, are one of the great places to enjoy your vacation. So, we recommend you to visit new places around the world for a great adventure.

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