'Don’t Lose Your Baggage While Travelling
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Losing one of your Baggage while travelling can ruin your whole vacation as even if you continued your trip without it, you’ll never forget it and you’ll not be able to enjoy your vacation. So, you need to make a plan for not losing any of your bags; either by losing it or being exposure to theft .

In this article, Blue Ray will present some tips for not losing your baggage.

  1. Never put any valuable stuffs in the shipped bags. Always carry a handbag with you for such stuffs for safety,
  2. Write your name, your phone number, a phone number of a friend, and your address on a paper and attach it with your baggage to ease finding them,
  3. Take photos for your baggage by your mobile phone, so you can state what was in it; in case of losing the bags,
  4. Put a special badge or sign on your bags to ease finding them by the airport employees,
  5. Check up your baggage well before leaving the airport,
  6. In case of losing one of your bags, report the airport employees immediately about this case to find it as soon as possible.


Don’t let anything ruin your vacation. So, take all needed procedures for not losing any of your bags. Also, you can register the travel luggage insurance for more safety.

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