'Egyptian Wedding Traditions

The Egyptian used to have two different approaches or traditions for wedding.
Some people abide the approach that says “I will not marry everyday” and consequently they prefer celebrating their wedding and doing a huge party.

While the other party prefer “not to celebrate and save the money to spend a honeymoon in a wonderful place” as the cost for an amazing wedding celebration in Egypt is totally high. That’s why some people go for such solution and prefer spending a good honeymoon instead.

As, lots of young people who will marry sooner are confused and do not know what to choose; either celebrating or spending an amazing honeymoon.

So, here is a real story. “Medhat and Shereen” are two persons who got engaged for two years and their wedding is near and they are confused and do not know what to choose between traveling or celebrating and making a big wedding party as “it is a one night in the lifetime” … So, let’s know what does Medhat and Shereen do?

“Medhat” thinks practically and chooses to save money and then travel to spend an amazing honeymoon without making a wedding party.

But, Shereen has a total different point of view. She wants to achieve her lifetime dream to wear the white dress as any other Egyptian girl. That’s why she does not understand why Medhat does not want to make a wedding party and prefer spending a honeymoon.

The decision is totally difficult as it is only a night in the lifetime and every one of us shall be happy in it while remembering it later and never feel regret.

That’s why, Medhat invites Shereen for a romantic dinner to find a solution that suits them while taking the high costs into consideration; away from their parents … And finally, they decided that Shereen will do a “Henna Show” and invite her friends and be happy, then in the wedding night, she will wear her dream white dress and have such small wedding party in a mosque. So, they can travel a few days later to spend their special honeymoon.


Finally, Medhat and Shereen will celebrate their wedding and make their own party, Shereen can wear her white dress, and also they save a lot of money to travel for their honeymoon.

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