'Eid Al-Adha Celebration in Muslim Countries

Eid Al-Adha celebrations don’t really vary among Muslim countries as they follow the Islamic rules in their celebration such as sacrificing an animal and give the meat to the poor people, family, and neighbors. Also, people perform the Eid prayer in the first day at mosques and plazas. However, every country has its own traditions according to their culture.

So, in this article Blue Ray will tackle the different ways of celebrating the feast in Muslim countries.

  • Egypt
    After performing the Eid prayer and congratulating each other for the feast, Egyptians start to slaughter their sacrifice while poor people gather around them to get their portion. After finishing, some of them tend to parks while some tend to visit their relatives and have lunch together while some travel to enjoy the feast vacation. So, this is how Egyptians celebrate the feast.
  • Saudi Arabia
    Saudis are famous for making huge appetite banquets in various ways with the sacrifice’s meat at the top of it. In addition to the famous kabsa plate, and many other desserts. Also, the family members gather in the grandparent house to congratulate each other after butchering the sacrifice. Besides, children wear their new clothes and take money from their grandparents and uncles.
  • Turkey
    Many of Turks prefer to travel to the touristic places in the feast. Also, what distinguishes Turkey’s feast the most, is that they put Hennah on the sacrifice as a decoration before butchering it and giving it to the poor.
  • Algeria
    Algerians differ in celebrating the feast as they organize a fight among the sheeps and the loser sheep’s owner has to abandon his sheep while the winner gets a lot of money.


The ways of celebrating the feast don’t really vary among Muslim countries. Despite that, every nation has its own style in celebrating the feast.

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