'Enjoy an Affordable Journey to Greece

Greece, the country of 2000 island, despite its marvelous beauty and culture, it’s considered as one of the cheapest touristic destinations.
In the following, Blue Ray will present some significant information about Journey to Greece.

Why to Visit Greece?

  1. It’s one of the cheapest European countries, regarding the transportations and the accommodations,
  2. The Greek people are friendly and they can speak English fluently,
  3. Its peak season is Summer what makes it cheap and quiet for the Winter travelers.

The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Greece

  • Santorini Island: The Imerovigli town that is located in the famous Santorini island is known for its white houses and blue domes which whenever you see it, you recognize that it’s the amazing Greece. Also, it has a number of resorts and quiet villages what makes it a great destination for the new married couples.
  • Kos Island: This Island is characterized by its moderate climate. Also, it’s known by the spread of the restaurants and elegant cafes. Besides, the breathtaking views of Kardamena beaches,
  • Athens: It’s considered as one of the oldest capitals in the world. Also, you better book your hotel there, so you can get easier to the surrounded islands and famous shrines,
  • Acropolis of Athens: It’s one of the greatest ancient Greek temples which express the classical spirit and civilization of the ancient Greece as it has many ancient buildings and temples.


Among the crazy prices of the European countries, Greece shines with its affordable prices and amazing breathtaking views.

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