'Famous Hotels around the World

As we tackled previously the different touristic destinations in Summer and Winter, and as we discussed the variable sports around the world and how one can enjoy a good time in different seasons, today we are going to handle a new aspect which the famous touristic hotels in many variable places which tourists prefer. For instance,

1- Dubai

Even your purpose behind choosing Dubai as a touristic destination, is to spend a good timing or enjoy the natural views, one shall know the fabulous touristic hotels there which are: Pullman Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Hotel Al-Khoory Atrium, Tulip Creek Hotel Apartments, and many other hotels that Blue Ray guarantee to you to have a special vacation with perfect offers and attractive prices.

2- Greece

While talking about Greece, the lighthouse of literature and arts and the country of the 2000 island, which is famous for its breathtaking natural views, it is worth to mention that it is considered as one of the famous touristic destinations as many tourists go there as it is known for its reasonable prices in compare to other touristic destinations. The famous hotels in Greece are as follow: Arethusa Hotel, Crystal City Hotel, Metropolitan Hotel, Athens Ledra Hotel, Stanley Hotel in the center of Athens, and other fabulous hotels there.

3- Hotels in Many Places in Egypt

Egypt which is known for its magical charming beauty that all of us know, has many touristic hotels like: Hotel Mercure Luxor Karnak Luxor, Hilton Hurghada Long Beach Resort, Cleopatra Luxury Resort Makadi Bay Hurghada, Neamaa Bay Sharn El-Sheikh, and many other landmark hotels in Egypt.


While choosing your touristic destination, it is vital to choose the suitable hotel for you to be able to enjoy your trip totally.

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