'As a Girl … How to Fulfill Your Dream to Travel SOLO?
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As girls … Who among us doesn’t dream of traveling abroad for study, work, or even for tourism? Or let me ask, how many of us have pursued that dream by searching for an appropriate chance and try to convince her family?

Well, it’s hard but not impossible. So, let’s tackle the hardest obstacle that may face us as girls which is convincing the parents and how to overcome it.

  1. Firstly, don’t ever discuss the idea before inspecting it well, read and explore the aspired country. It’s not a matter of rebellion as you too need to make sure of the country’s security and safety,
  2. Get the appropriate offer then discuss it with your parents, as if you start the debate without having a real offer, they’ll never care. Also, it’ll make them feel how serious you are,
  3. No matter how strong independent you are, ask for their advice. Let them feel how lost you are without their opinion. It’ll make them support you more than ever,
  4. Don’t ask for an immediate answer or feedback, broach the idea with each and every tiny detail they may ask about, and let them take their time to think. Then, a couple days later, discuss it again. This will make them feel how mature you’ve become. Also, they will certainly need time to make their decision,
  5. Collect examples of girls who have been through such experience and how they could make it because of their parents’ support and trust. Tell them that you don’t just need their approval but their support so you can be more self-confident.


Regardless of our differences, classes, and levels, eventually the main reason behind the disapproval is because of our parents’ worry about us. So, don’t get angry, just try more than one time in a maturely way.

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