'How to Get Over the Fear of Flying?
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Travelling is considered to be a dream and a goal for many people, through which one can see new places, get out of the daily routine, and have some positive energy. However, some people think about the preparations of the trip and how much it will cost and other booking issues, while others think about the flying experience; especially those who travel for the first time. Besides, there are a lot of reasons to fear from flying, but there are some steps that may help you to reduce the fear of flying which are:

  1. Search for the safety precautions of the plane and also search for general information about the accurate levels of maintenance of the plane as this may help you to feel more secure,
  2. Choose the seats that are beside the corridor, so you can have the chance to move whenever you want and to be away from the plane’s window,
  3. Try not to read or watch anything about the crashes of the planes before your trip,
  4. Think positively about the activities that you can practice during your trip and try to be busy more with the trip preparations,
  5. Try not to choose long trips as it will be easier to control your fear in the short ones,
  6. Try to arrive early to the airport in order not to feel more nervous.

On the other hand, there are other precautions that shall be taken in the plane to overcome the fear which are:

  1. Breath well as deep breathing will allow you to get rid of the pressure and the tension,
  2. Read a book or watch something interesting. This will make you less nervous,
  3. Drink some cold drinks and a lot of water to make you feel cool.

The previous steps can reduce the fear and tension of flying, so try it in order not to let your fear controls you and deprives you from enjoying many trips.


If you suffer from the fear of flying, you have to be brave enough to face it and to enjoy your trip and the previous tips will help you a lot.

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