'Stunning Glowworm Caves in New Zealand

In “Waitomo” town which is located on the north coast of New Zealand and at a depth of 150 meters under the ground, you’ll see one of the greatest things in the world. There are lots of blue and green glowing lights spread in the top of  waitomo cave.

What creates these lights?

Here you’ll discover the secret..

This dazzle glow comes from “Arachnocampa Luminosa” worms.

It all starts when the mother lay her eggs in the ceiling of the cave and when it hatches, the larvae hang with a glowing line which is a snare that attracts its victims “the other insects”.

About 30 thousand glow-worms have formed that beautiful natural scene without any anthropogenic interference. Also, tourists travel from all over the world to enjoy such amazing journey.

كهف الديدان المضيئة-blueray-waitomo Caves

Waitomo cave contains some limestone formations and the glow happens due to an interaction between the chemicals produced by the worms and the oxygen in the air.

As water cover the cave, the journey inside it requires wooden boats which makes it an exciting touristic tour.


The name of the cave,  “Waitomo” comes from Maori word which means water and Tomo word which means hole.

The cave was discovered in 1887 and it was ready to welcome tourists in 1889.

Of course, you will miss enjoying such amazing adventure.

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