'Haiku Stairs: The Stairway to Heaven

If you are a lover of adventure and loves to do things differently, and at the same time you adore the amazing nature, so definitely you will not miss visiting Hawaiian Islands and to be more specific “the Haiku Stairs” to see the world from a total different scene. So, let’s know more about the Haiku stairs.

The Story of the Stairs

Haiku stairs or as it is called “The Stairway to Heaven” are stairs in Hawaiian Islands in USA. It was built in 1942 and is considered as one of the great results of World War II. The main purpose of these stairs, is that the American Navy needs to send signals to the marine ships. So, they decided to build a Haiku radio station above one of the highest mountains in Hawaii and reaching that station was through a wooden ladder which is called now the “Haiku Stairs” or “The Stairway to Heaven”. Also, it is worth to mention that the station was closed in 1987 for security reasons and it became prohibited for anyone to climb that ladder. However, even it is closed, there were some repairs and it is opened again in 2012 and became one of the most famous touristic monuments all over the world and tourists come to enjoy the breathtaking natural views.

Reason to be named “The Stairway to Heaven”

Haiku Stairs was called the stairway to Heaven as it is one of the unique phenomenon ever as no one knows if he could climb it till the end or not. It is height is almost 98 meter high and almost 3922 staircase.

سلالم الهايكو-سلالم الصعود الى السماء-Haiku Stairs: The Stairway to Heaven

Of course, the scene above the mountain is such an outstanding thing and an amazing experience that shall be tested. Also, Hawaii is totally marvelous from the above.

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