'Incredible Hotels You Never Know in Egypt

The nature in Egypt shaped great breathtaking views in some places such as Sharm El-sheikh, Hurghada, Siwa Oasis, Aswan, and many others.

Despite that people think they’ve to travel abroad in order to live in a luxury hotel and enjoy a great experience, there are great and unusual hotels in Egypt that will ensure you an amazing experience.

In the following few lines, Blue Ray will present some of the most amazing and exceptional hotels in Egypt.

  1. Caves Beach Resort: Or what is known as caves hotel, as whenever you enter the hotel you’ll find yourself in a natural cave, rocky walls, wooden chairs and tables, animal print beddings, and lanterns.
    The hotel is located in Al-Ahyaa’ area, Hurghada. Also, it’s an (Adults Only) hotel which means that it will be the perfect destination for your honeymoon.
  2. Adrère Amellal: This hotel is located in Siwa Oasis and it’s considered as one of the strangest hotels all over the world as there’s no electricity in the hotel and in the night the hotel get illuminated by the hanging candles on the wall. In Adrère Amellal hotel, you’ll have a chance to live the Bedouin life interspersed with luxury. It’s a sandy hotel, dusty doors, and the walls are made of rock salt. Also, using cell phones is not allowed there as they tend to isolate you from the outside world. As for the food, the cooks pick out the vegetables from the hotel’s garden and cook it in a traditional way.
    The Britain’s Prince, Charles and his wife Camilla have visited the hotel in the past.
  3. Sofitel Old Cataract: The word cataract refers to waterfalls as it’s located in Elephantine Island on the bank of the Nile which enables you to see the amazing waterfalls of the Nile.
    Who among us doesn’t know that hotel especially after the famous series “Grand Hotel”? It’s characterized by its antique designs and luxury decorations which take you back to the old age.
    Also, Amr Youssef has said that he will hold his wedding at the hotel as he fell in love with its luxurious and elegance after filming the series.


Egypt is full of fancy hotels that attract the tourists from all over the world. So, in order to enjoy a different vacation, start searching for wonderful places in Egypt.

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