'Insane Festivals Around The World

Whenever we hear about those strange festivals all over the world, we wonder about the origin of those traditions, the story behind them, the reason behind celebrating them, and many other questions that we need to know just to increase our knowledge about different cultures around the world.

So, in this article Blue Ray will tackle some of the strangest festivals around the world .

    1. Monkey Buffet Festival
      It’s the happiest day for monkeys as in this festival they got served with all types of delicious foods, vegetables, and fruits on huge tables covered with silk. This festival is held in Thailand since 2007 and it’s used as a propaganda to promote tourism as they feed nearly 2000 to 3000 monkey.
    2. Baby Jumping
      One of the weirdest festivals that got held in Spain, is that men jump over the new born babies. People say that the main reason behind this “the devil’s jump” is to cleanse the soul of those babies and give them a happy life. This festival has been canceled a few years ago as it puts the lives of the babies in risk and danger.
    3. La Tomatina
      On the last Wednesday of August in Spain -particularly- in the town of Buñol, people throw each other with tomatoes in what is called as “the tomato fight” for a whole week in which girls wear white clothes and boys wear no shirts. Also, about 150.000 tomato got wasted during this festival.


Despite the strangeness of those festivals which some people refuse, others travel especially to attend such weird and marvelous festivals around the world.

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