'Know More about Mountaineering

Despite that Mountaineering is considered as one of the most dangerous sports all over the world, people used to attract to it and practice it frequently as such sport urges them to challenge themselves. Also, the love of nature is one of the reasons that push them to do so. Let us know more about mountaineering.

Importance of Mountaineering:

    1. Improve self-reliance,
    2. Improve self-confidence,
    3. Fulfill the desire of adventure,
    4. Improve team spirit,
    5. Travel around the world,
    6. Be healthy and personal hygiene.

Mountaineering Heroes:

      • Omar Samra:
        Omar is the first Egyptian who climbed Mount Everest -the highest peak in the world- which is “8848 meters”. This was in 2007 and his journey took 5 weeks. Everest wasn’t the first peak that he reached as he has trained on climbing many mountains before Everest. What is really inspiring in his story is that he suffered from asthma when he was a child as he couldn’t even run a track. But he challenged his illness and the surrounding circumstances in order to achieve his dream.
      • Sir Edmund Hillary:
        Hillary, the first climber of Mount Everest summit was a New Zealand explorer. His first attempt was an unsuccessful one as he lost 3 of his friends. Despite that, the government rewarded him and in the honoring concert there was a picture of Everest, so he stood in front of it and told it that this time he is a loser and you (the mount) is greater, but I “Hillary” will be the greatest always.
        In1953, Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did it in their second attempt.
      • Reinhold Messner:
        Despite Messner wasn’t the first one to reach Everest peak, but still he is considered as one of the greatest climbers as he was the first one to reach it without using industrial oxygen. It was a big risk as the percentage of oxygen in the peak is 6%; what makes the human body and brain work with less efficient. Therefore, he will not be able to take right decisions.
        Messner was known for his love of nature. Also, he climbed mountains more than 2500 times.

Mountaineering is one of the greatest sports around the world.

Stay tuned for more about sports and tourism all over the world.

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