'Know More about Medical Tourism Types

Medical tourism has become one of the most important types of tourism around the world as a lot of countries rely on it as a base for their economy. Also, it worth to mention that tourists are interested in heading to the countries that are known for their therapeutic centers and countries which have natural attractions and famous for having such magic to heal different diseases.

In the following few lines, Blue Ray will tackle the different types of medical tourism and the places that are famous for it.

  1. Therapeutic Tourism
    Tourists head to other countries with the aim to get healed from various diseases such as making surgeries, cell transplant, and the cosmetic surgeries. Tourists head to the countries that are known for its therapeutic centers or the modern hospitals that have modern medical equipments and talented doctors. Also, some tourists travel to have their annual physical checkup.
    The Countries that are Famous for Therapeutic Tourism

    • India: it’s known by its low costs. Also, it’s famous for orthopedic surgery, heart surgery, and general surgeries.
    • Germany: it’s known for its famous cancer treatment centers and stem cell centers.
    • Jordan: in 2014 won the prize of the best therapeutic country as it is famous for its liver transplant centers, orthopedic specialty, intimal specialty, and eye surgeries and many others.
    • Malaysia: it’s known by speech therapy, radiology, cosmetic surgeries, and heart surgeries.
  2. Wellness Tourism
    Tourists travel to search for meditation and relaxation. This type of tourism differs form the therapeutic tourism in that as it doesn’t depend on the existence of hospitals and modern medical centers, but it depends on the natural attractions. Also, the tourists can enjoy spending a good time in this amazing natural views.
    The Places that are Famous for Wellness Tourism

    • Pharaoh Pools and oyoun Moussa: both of them are known for the warm sulphuric water and the silt inside those ponds which have the power to heal from rheumatism, dermatological diseases, and the chronic exhaustion.
    • South Sinai: is known for its warm sand and its ability to heal from rheumatoid and backbone pain. Also, it’s known by its natural treatment via using herbs as it grow in Sainte-Catherine and it helps in treating diabetes, intestinal colic and others.


Medical tourism is one of the most important types of tourism as it gathers both visiting a new country and renewing your energy via meditation and relaxation.

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