'Lebanon in Winter … Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Lebanon, the source of art, witnesses lots of various civilization that totally affect Lebanon’s own culture.

In winter, The Green Lebanon which is known by its green landscapes turns to the marvelous white color as snow covers most of Lebanon mountains in a total breathtaking view.

So, if you’re looking for a special destination to spend a romantic trip with your partner away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, in this article, Blue Ray will give you the reasons behind choosing Lebanon in winter.

  1. Skiing is one of the most known activities to be practiced in winter at Lebanon as it’s characterized by having a lot of ski centers which supply the skiers with the needed clothes, tools, and trainers for an amazing adventure,
  2. As for transportation; to move among the snowy mountains, you can use the amazing cable car and enjoy a magnificent romantic adventure while meditating and enjoying the superb sceneries of Lebanon with the surrounded ice,
  3. You can also enjoy the ski doo sport as you will be provided with a safe equipped car. Besides, some of these cars are designed to afford 2 persons, so you can enjoy this special experience with your partner,
  4. Snow Camps is considered as a new sport that tourists used to practice in the remote snowy areas, as they used to camp in the middle of ice to spend the whole night in singing festivals while in the morning they build houses of snow (igloo) to keep a memory from there.


Lebanon is known by many special touristic places that attract tourists. In this article, we tackle some means of entertainment to enjoy Lebanon in winter.

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