'Luxor… The Ancient Thebes

Thebes the capital of the ancient Upper Egypt turned to be Luxor -which refers to the site of the palaces- is considered now as one of the most important world tourism sites as it contains one third of monuments around the world.

When to Visit Luxor?

Visiting Luxor in October which is the autumn’s season of the city is considered as one of the best times to go there. The climate is wonderful and the extreme heat of the Summer has just started to fall. It’s also considered as the wettest month which is good due to the city’s heat. In addition to that, it’s your last chance to enjoy visiting Luxor in the calm before the beginning of the peak season “Winter” as in Winter you’ll have to book your hotel before your arrival. Also, you’ll not be able to escape the improbable crowd.

Luxor’s Great Monuments

  1. Karnak temple,
  2. Luxor temple,
  3. The valley of the kings,
  4. The valley of the queens,
  5. Hatshepsut temple,
  6. Deir El-Bahri.

What else to do in Luxor?

you can have a great time enjoying the sunset on the Nile corniche or having a felucca trip in the calm pure Nile which will help you finding the inner peace.

The nature, dessert, and wildlife are breathtaking, you can have a journey exploring the city on a horseback.


Reaching Luxor by plane is so easy as the airport is located 6 Km east of the city.

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