'Where to Go in the Mid-Year Vacation?

The New Year eve, the Christmas, the holidays, and eventually the mid-year vacation.. All of these vacations and feasts take place in winter what makes it a tourism peak season.

So, in order to help you in finding the best destination for your vacation this year, Blue Ray will provide some of the winter destinations in the following lines.

  1. Aswan: The pearl of winter, it’s considered as one of the best winter destinations in Egypt due to its moderate climate, natural views, and great ancient civilization. One of the best things you can do in Aswan is having a marvelous Nile cruise amongst the breathtaking views of nature which will make you fresh.
  2. Siwa Oasis: It’s a recommended destination in winter as the temperature there is high most of the time. In Siwa, you can enjoy swimming in Cleopatra’s bath natural hot water.
  3. Fayoum: People prefer visiting Fayoum as it’s so close to Cairo comparing to Aswan and Siwa. In addition to the sand boarding which is one the most famous activities to practice there. Also, in winter you can watch bird migration, you can fish, and chilling near the lakes and Wady el-Rayan waterfalls.


Winter in Egypt?

There’s too much to do, just pack your luggage and start the journey.

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