'The Mysterious Lines of Inca Civilization – Peru

The Inca’s nation remains one of the most mysterious civilizations ever. This is because of what they left behind is considered as a mystery that no one can explain so far. This is “Nazca lines”.

What are Nazca Lines?

It is an enormous lines that take the form of geometry shapes and animals. It is called Nazca because it is located in the desert of Nazca, south Peru, and near the Andes Mountains. However, in 1994, the UNESCO decided to classify it as a World Heritage Site.

ما هى خطوط نازكا-What are Nazca Lines?

Causes of Fame and Obscurity of Nazca Lines

The thing that take the breath regarding Nazca Lines, is that it is carved with an utmost accuracy by the ancient nation of Inca; over vast distances and without using any engineering tools.

However, it is surprisingly, that one graphic of Nazca Lines is drawn along hundreds of meters, while its diameter is nearly 200 meters. Besides, it is worth to mention that Nazca Lines’ drawings are carved on a solid rock. It has a gray color and is surrounded by small stones that covered it all. These lines go back to more than 2400 years ago and even though it does not affected by any factors of erosion.

Moreover, the thing that scientists still need an answer to it is, why there are paintings of wild animals even the Inca’s nation do not know anything about these animals? The answer will lead us to Nazca Lines Hypotheses.

أسباب شهرة وغموض خطوط نازكا-Nazca Lines

Hypotheses of Nazca Lines

After doing lots of studies, scientists reached to several hypotheses concerning Nazca lines which are:

  1. The graphics of Nazca Lines are made by aliens. This is because it is impossible to draw such enormous drawings with such total accuracy and resistance to erosion without using engineering machines. As these graphics are much greater than the ability of humans to draw it at this time,
  2. It was painted as a religious ritual and was drawn over many generations. Besides, it was held as a sort of sacrifice and pagan rituals.
خطوط نازكا-Hypotheses of Nazca Lines


After all these theories and studies, no one reached to a logical explanation for Nazca lines. Thus, the reason behind it and how it carved, remains a puzzle that no one could solve.

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