'October … Perfect Time to Visit Egypt

If you put Egypt as one of your travel plans, so now it’s the best time for you to be prepared for this trip as fall has just started there and the weather is really awesome … But if you did not put it yet, then you should!

In the following few lines, Blue Ray will tell you why it’s the most suitable timing for you to visit Egypt.

Well, Egypt is full of touristic attractions that really worth watching and in fall you really need to visit the Red Sea cities such as:

    • Dahab Sinai: Dahab is located in south Sinai and it’s considered as one of the best places for meditation and having a unique vacation. Dahab also has named for it’s golden color of its sand-Dahab means to gold in Arabic- the red sea also is characterized by its purity, calmness, and the attractive blue sea. Also, you don’t want to miss visiting the blue hole that it’s depth is more than 130 meters and is known for diving sport,
    • Ras Shitan: It overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba beach and it’s characterized by its ability to isolate you from the outside world as you’ll live in huts on a rock between two shores. You’ll live the bedouin life, eat the bedouin food, enjoy the bedouin night celebrations, safari, and of course the famous bedouin tea. The means of connection there is totally limited and rare which makes you able to practice meditation away from the hassle of life,
    • Sharm El Sheikh: Diving lovers will find their purpose in that marvelous city as it contains global diving centers which attract the tourists too much especially in fall and summer as it’s characterized by fresh air and the attractive sea.


Many reasons may lead you to visit Egypt in October. In this article, we’ve presented some coastal cities that worth watching.

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