'Overcoming Flight Risks
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Most of us used to talk about and tackle the precautions that shall be taken into consideration while traveling on board or while reaching the destination. However, there are lots and lots of threats or risks that all of us may face on board. That’s why, it is high time to know the suitable precautions.

Flight risks or threats are divided into three levels including: simple (easy) risks, medium one, and high risks. High-risk flights mean travelling about 8 hours on board (almost more than 5000-kilo meter). While the flights that take less than 6 hours – almost 3000 to 4000-kilo meter – are considered as medium risks. The simple or the easy risks are anything other than what have been mentioned.

Tips to keep you Healthy on Board

  1. Drink a lot of water; a cup of water every 45 minutes (approximately 8 cups of water during an 8-hour flight). Also, it is preferred to drink a lot of water –after landing– to compensate the drought,
  2. People who wear lenses shall replace it with glasses, because lenses could be affected by the drought that is inside the plan,
  3. Do exercises to the ankles and the arms,
  4. Move your neck to the left and to the right,
  5. There are all types of medicines for emergencies; you can ask the flight attendant when needed,
  6. If you are one of those who suffer from anxiety before travelling, ask your doctor to describe some medicines which help you to relax,
  7. If you felt tension and worried on the plan, relax and put your head back on the chair, close your eyes, and don’t look to any moving things; just think in positive things only,
  8. To come over the problem of the pressure of the atmosphere and the pain of the middle ear, one can just yawn or eat a piece of gum or even swallow his saliva,
  9. It is recommended to bring your blanket or your pillow with you,
  10. Wash your hands regularly.


If you are one of those who love travelling, so you have to know all the precautions to keep you healthy while travelling.

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