'Pink Sands Beach, Is It Really Pink?

There are other colors of the sands rather than the white and yellow ones that we used to see. Most of us have seen images of the pink sands beach in Harbor Island, Bahamas. A lot of spectacular images of a pink sand with the turquoise sea color … Is there is something more beautiful than that?

What is the Story behind the Pink Sands Beach Color?

The reason behind such amazing pink color is some of the dead coral pieces and marine creatures that have pink color shells. However, the waves move it to the beach and consequently creates such pink sands.

But, Are they really that Pink?

Actually, No. The sand has only a slight pink tint which is completely different from Instagram photos. However, it’s a really a breathtaking place; featured by the pure turquoise water color, the wonderful atmosphere, and the pastel-colored homes with white picket fences.

So, if you’re searching for a honeymoon vacation, a new adventure with your friends, or a trip away from the work pressure, the pink sands beach is the one for you.

However, the architecture of the homes in the villages is a combination of the traditional British colonial style and the contemporary design which means that you’ll enjoy a new different design.

Besides, there are restaurants that offer delicious seafood extracted from the Caribbean Sea.

Enjoy a different vacation this year in Bahamas!

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