'Hints about Religious Tourism

Religious tourism is considered as one of the most important tourism types that a lot of people prefer, as it gathers two important things which are: travelling to a new different country and visiting religious landmarks either to perform a religious duty or to know those landmarks. In the following few lines, we will tackle the countries that are famous for such kind of tourism.

  1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
    The economy of KSA basically depends on the religious tourism as millions of people visit it every year to perform Pilgrimage Rituals or to visit the haram and perform the umrah. Also, people enjoy their staying in Mecca and visiting the grave of prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him- in Al-Madina.
  2. Egypt:
    Egypt is famous for gathering landmarks of the three religions: Islam, Christianity, and Jewish”. Therefore, tourists visit it from all over the world. While the famous religious landmarks are as follow:

    The Islamic Landmarks

    • Al-Azhar Al-Sharif mosque,
    • Muhammad Ali mosque which is located inside the castle,
    • Al-Hussein mosque,
    • Sayeda Zeinab mosque,
    • Amr Ibn El-Aas mosque.

    The Christian Landmarks

    • The Hanging Church,
    • St. Catherine’s Monastery,
    • Church of Abu Serga.

    The Jewish Landmarks

    • Tour Mount,
    • Moussa mount.
  3. Turkey:
    Turkey has a lot of distinctive religious landmarks as people believe that some of the ancient religious events occurred there. Also, there are a lot of prophets’ graves -peace be upon them- in turkey. However, the famous religious touristic landmarks there are:

    • Virgin Mariam House,
    • Sanliurfa: “Prophets City” and the cave of prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him is located there.
    • Istanbul: There are a lot of mosques in Istanbul which are built in a special way. Those mosques give people inner peace and relaxation.


If you go for the religious tourism, it means that you’re going to enjoy many things; as you’ll visit distinctive religious landmarks beside that you’ll know different cultures.

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