'Everything You Need to Know about Schengen Visa

What is Schengen Agreement?

The Schengen agreement was signed in 1985. It states that the countries of Schengen will officially cancel visas, passports, and immigration regulations among one another. This means that Schengen becomes one big country. Also, the states inside the Schengen have eliminated its internal borders.

The 26 Schengen Countries

    1. Austria,
    2. Belgium,
    3. The Czech Republic,
    4. Denmark,
    5. Estonia,
    6. Finland,
    7. France,
    8. Germany,
    9. Greece,
    10. Hungary,
    11. Iceland,
    12. Italy,
    13. Latvia,
    14. Liechtenstein,
    15. Lithuania,
    16. Luxembourg,
    17. Malta,
    18. Netherlands,
    19. Norway,
    20. Poland,
    21. Portugal,
    22. Slovakia,
    23. Slovenia,
    24. Spain,
    25. Sweden,
    26. Switzerland.

Schengen Visa Types

        • Schengen Transit Visa: “A” Category
          It’s the airport visa which allows its holder to travel through the international zone of Schengen airport but there is not a permission to enter Schengen countries,
        • Schengen Transit Visa: “B” Category
          This visa allows its holder to cross over the Schengen within 5 days only till being prepared to travel away,
        • Schengen Tourism Visa: “C” Category
          Or the short term visa allows its holder and his family to reside in the Schengen for work or tourism for only 90 days,
        • Schengen Trade Visa: “C” Category
          It allows its holder to reside for one year to trade or work,
        • Schengen Visa: “D” Category
          It allows its holder to reside in the Schengen for 3 months to study or work,
        • Schengen Collective Visa
          It could be given to 5 – 50 persons with a condition that all the group get in and out the Schengen at the same time. Its duration is one month.

UAE is the only Arab country that gets Schengen visa exemption among various Western countries.

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