'Seychelles Islands… Your dream comes True

Today, Blue Ray decided to take you far away to the West Pacific, 1600 kilometer east from the African continent and near the Northwest area of Somalia, to show you the breathtaking Seychelles Archipelago.

Seychelles Islands

What is special and distinctive about the archipelago is that it is consist of 115 island. 41 of these islands are rocky granite in the middle of the islands, while the other 74 islands are a total stunning coral reefs.

جزر السيشل بلو راى
Maldives-Seychelles-Island-السياحة فى جزر السيشل

Tourism in Seychelles

If you love nature and the wonderful natural life, you will not hesitate to visit the archipelago. The beaches there are totally spectacular which will make you feel as if you are living in a dream. Also, there are luxurious resorts and hotels.

Moreover, there are unique species of animals and plants like the crab stealth, the hookah bird, the resonant bird, and many other animals that are about to extinct.

Furthermore, if we are going to tackle the weather. It is moderate almost all the year and it is rare that the temperature decreases there. So, if you decided to travel to Seychelles, the best timing is from October to May.

Seychelles Famous Islands

It is important to know that Mahe, La Digue, and Praslin are the famous islands there. Also, you can practice diving, hunting, windsurfing, and mountain climbing.

seychelles-archipelago-رخبيل جُزر السيشل

Of course, you will not miss the chance to enjoy the fabulous nature and turn your dram to reality. Seychelles waits you.

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