'What about Summer Vacation in winter?

Yup … You read it right. What about spending a summer vacation in winter?

There are many people who think that winter season is just a big obstacle in front of traveling and enjoying a special timing as a result of such severe cold weather which forces us to stay at home to feel warm and drink lots of hot drinks. But, Blue Ray see that winter is a great chance for the traveling lovers to spend a great timing. So, in the following we will tackle some touristic destinations that are known for its moderate weather in winter besides its low costs.

1- Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece, is known by its moderate weather in winter season. This is the reason behind being a destinations for the lovers of traveling and adventure in winter. There are many restaurants, cafes, and gardens that take your breath because of its magical natural view. But, if you travel for a cultural purpose, there are many archaeological museums in Athens.

2- United Arab Emirates

To spend a special winter this year, you do not have to miss going to Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) as the weather is moderate which allows you to enjoy the celebrations and the fireworks in Dubai Shopping Festival. Also, one cannot forget the magical beauty of Burj Khalifa, the beaches, and the restaurants.

3- Maldives

If you search for such magical beauty while enjoying a warm weather with an amazing natural view, so Maldives is the perfect European destination ever. There are floating cottages. You just have to unleash your imagination and your dream will come true while visiting Maldives. Also, it is worth to mention that you do not need a visa to enjoy such beauty.


Winter or summer, you as a travel lover can change the cold weather into a moderate summer and enjoy each and every moment via choosing one of the places that is known by its good weather in winter; as mentioned above.

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