'The Most Famous 3 Markets in Tokyo – Japan

If you’re a shopping lover or one of those who loves to get souvenirs from different countries that memorize the citizens’ traditions, you should add japan to your list.

Japan has a variety of the most known markets all over the world.

In this article, Blue Ray will tackle some of these markets in detail:

  • Tsukiji Market: It’s the largest fish market in the world. If you’re a seafood lover, this trip is for you. But, if you aren’t a big fan of seafood, then you’re going to enjoy an amazing trip watching a lot of marine organisms that you’ve never heard about. The market is in a space of 50 acres and divided into internal and external markets.
    In the internal market, you can watch the processes of preparing and cutting fishes. People go in the early morning to register for watching such processes in order to enjoy the process of selling the large tuna fish at auction in minutes then cutting it with knives seem like samurai weapons.
    In the external market, you can buy different types of fishes and enjoy an amazing seafood meal in the restaurant,
Tsukiji Market - Blue Ray-سوق تسوكيجي هو أكبر سوق أسماك في العالم
  • Ameyoko Market: Ameyoko refers to “candy sellers’ alley”. After the World War II, Ameyoko markets was just a black market that sell sweet potato and sugar, but now it has turned to a colorful market sells various types of goods, clothes, shoes, fishes, meats, golf equipment, and many others,
    Also, there’re a lot of restaurants and cafes in the market which you’ll enjoy and will have fun,
  • Nakamise Market: It’s one of Japan’s oldest markets. It all starts in the period from 1688 – 1735 when there was a permission for some people to provide their services in stores in a street leading up to Sensoji temple. But, it ends now with nearly 89 stores that provide various goods such as souvenirs, gifts, clothes, shoes, and traditional Japanese food.
Nakamise Market - Blue Ray-سوق ناكاميس

In this article, we’ve tackled the most famous 3 markets in Japan. Stay tuned for more.

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