'Umrah Rituals

Umrah is considered as a Sunnah from Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, which he has urged us so much to do because of its great reward from Allah. With the approach of Ramadan, the desire to visit the sacred places has increased. Therefore, in this article, we will tackle the right way for performing Umrah Rituals.

  • Ihram

It is recommended to have a shower before ihram as a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. After that, the pilgrim starts to head to the places of Ihram which are certain places in each town where the pilgrim make the ihram from as wearing the Umrah clothes which are a wrapper and a robe unstitched for men without wearing a head covering, and for women Wearing any coverslip clothing without niqab or gloves. Also, it is desirable to pray in the mosque as a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Then equipping the intention.

  • Tawaf

Tawaf is the act of rotating seven times around the Kaaba. It begins at the Black Stone and ends with it. Also, it is also OK for those who are unable to walk and the seniors to use a wheelchair.

  • praying at Ibrahim’s Standing Place

Praying at prophet Ibrahim’s standing place is not an essential element of Umrah elements, and if it was hard for the pilgrim to do, he can pray in the area of Ismail, or in anywhere in the sacred.

  • Ritual walking

Ritual walking is a seven tours between Safa and Marwa. Also, there are specific places with special signs to guide the pilgrim to increase his speed during them as much as possible, with repeating dhikrs, making du’aa, and reading Quran.

  • Shaving or Shorten the Hair

Shaving or shorten the hair is the last step in performing umrah as it is preferred for men to be fully shaved but it is ok to shorten it. For women, they are allowed to shorten their hair only.


It is permissible to perform Umrah at any time of the year except at the time of Hajj. Also, there are many taboos to be avoided when performing Umrah Rituals. So, read a lot of brochures that explain these taboos to get an acceptable umrah.

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