'Reasons behind Adding Travelling to Paris to your list

Paris, the city of love and lovers, is the capital of France. It’s located on the Seine River. Also, it has many other names or titles including the city of light and fire and the city of devils and angels. Paris is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Therefore, it is a wonderful destination for lovers to spend their honeymoon.

In the following few lines, we will tackle some points about the most popular touristic landmarks in the city that may arise your desire of travel to Paris.

Paris’s Most Famous Tourist Attractions:

1-Eiffel Tower

Who does not know the Eiffel Tower! … It is one of the city’s most famous landmarks and the most popular touristic destinations in whole Europe. It was established in 1889. The tourists come to visit it from all over the world. In the tower, there are two restaurants; one of them is owned by the famous Chef “Alain Ducasse”. Besides, it is worth mentioning that no one can miss the chance of taking a photo as a good memory of visiting the tower.

2-Louvre Museum

This historical monument is one of the most important and most famous tourists’ attractions. The museum includes a number of artifacts and paintings including: the famous Mona Lisa painting by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. It also includes a wide collection of Egyptian, Greek, and Romanian antiquities.

3-Pont des Arts Bridge

It also called Love Bridge. This bridge crosses Seine River. In 2008, there is a common habit that has popped among lovers which is to write their names on a lock and they hang it to the bridge then throwing the key into the river as an expression of eternal love. The habit has spread widely which make the bridge so heavy. Consequently, this prompted the municipality in 2014 to remove these locks.

4-Avenue des Champs Street

Paris is also famous for shopping and fashion as there are many celebrities rely on bringing clothes from Paris. So, do not ever go to Paris without visiting Avenue des Champs street. It is considered as one of the most famous streets in Paris which contains a lot of international brands of shops, cafes, and restaurants.


If you have not added Paris -the city of love and beauty- to your list of traveling yet, so after reading this article we guarantee that you will make it as the first city that you would like to visit.

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