'travelling without a visa

To enter any state, you need to have a visa; as a welcoming declaration from the country. However, there are some countries that ease travelling to it via allowing travelling without any need to have a visa. The country may give you an exemption from extracting a visa, and may also decide how long you can stay in without having a visa. Besides, the country may require having a visa while arriving.

In addition, it is worth to mention that there are countries that you can travel to it –without a visa– according to your nationality. For example, the Kuwaiti passport is at the top of all the Arab passports that allows you to enter 77 countries without any need to have a visa. Then, comes the Emirati passport that allows you to enter 72 without having a visa.

However, there are five standards that shall be known and applied while deciding which country to be headed to. These standards are:

  • The quality of life; meaning the availability of having medical insurance and means of entertainment,
  • Stability,
  • Job offers,
  • Balance between the income and the price of living,
  • Guests’ satisfaction.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are countries that totally believe in this concept: “traveling without a visa”. These countries do not apply what is called the borders between the countries, as travelling is a human right for all of us to know different cultures. For instance, Ecuador is the considered as “number one” state that one can travel to it without any need to have a visa. It is characterized by its fine weather and the stunning natural views. Then, Malaysia is the second country that allows a free travelling to it without any need to have a visa. Malaysia is a good environment for investment. However, the third country is “Hong Kong”. Hong Kong is characterized by having a lot of sightseeing places.


Travelling is one of the most amazing experiences one could have, so you have to know more about the ways that enable you to visit many countries. Your passport is one of these ways that allows you to travel to many countries without having a visa.

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