'Turkey … The Best Choice in November

Turkey welcomes all tourists form all over the world around the year, whether they are new married couples, friends who decided to go for a trip, or a family on a short vacation as the weather there is moderate all over the year. While in fall, the crowd decreases significantly and you can enjoy the quietness. In addition to, the wonderful weather which makes it an amazing time for an unforgettable visit to the Turkish cities.

Where to Go in Turkey?

    • Undoubtedly you’ll never miss visiting Istanbul, the city that combines the civilizations of East and West in one place. For instance, one of the most known landmarks in the city is Hagia Sophia, that building which passes many changes as it starts as a mosque then it turns to be a church and now it become a great museum that combines both religions (Islam and Christianity) in a breathtaking art form.
Hagia Sophia-آيا صوفيا
  • As for the capital Ankara, it contains a lot of various activities and entertainment means such as the magnificent gardens like “GenclikDikmen Vadisi”. Concerning the culture aspect, the museum of “Rahmi Koc” is considered as one of the greatest landmarks in Turkey as it shows the evolution of transportation from the oldest one to the latest methods. Also, it presents some means of entertainment for kids.
capital Ankara-رحمي كوج
  • Izmir is one of Turkey’s biggest cities which is known for its vitality and various activities as it’s location on the west coast of Turkey made it a great destination to have a good time on the corniche. Also, you can enjoy a tour in “Kimeralta market” which is located in Alsankak district where you can get wonderful gifts and souvenirs.
Kimeralta market-سوق كيميرالتي
  • Antalya also is considered as one of the most important touristic destination in turkey due to its superior climate and entertainment especially the maritime activities as it’s characterized by having many beaches and stunning waterfalls. In addition to that, it contains “Antalya Aquarium” which is an underwater tunnel that enables you to enjoy watching the different marine organisms from the center of the water.
Antalya Aquarium-المتحف المائي


Turkey is one of the most important touristic destinations in the world that contains a lot of amazing landmarks, mosques, museums, and many other places that can’t be tackled in one article.

Stay tuned to know more about turkey.

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