'Types of Tourism

Most of people think that entertainment, refreshment, and relaxation are the only purposes of tourism while tackling it. Of course, these are one of the main purposes of tourism; and travelling in general. But, there are many other types of tourism for different purposes. In this article, BlueRay will tackle parts of these different types.

1-Religious Tourism:

This is the type of tourism in which the person travel to visit the holy places like Mecca and Madina El-Monawara to perform the holy rituals; Hajj and Umrah –in its specific timing– or to visit other holy shrines. Such type of tourism makes a spiritual transcend that relieve our souls through abiding the religious rules.

2-Entertainment Tourism:

People used to vary in their way of enjoying their time. However, even being different, they used to agree upon the marine areas as the main destination in summer. While in winter, people used to search for warm places where the sun rises. Moreover, this type of tourism can help you to know more about different cultures and think out of the box to get out of the routine.

3- Medical Tourism:

There are lots of places that are famous for having sulfur and ground water which help in curing many diseases, or having warm sands that also participate in curing lots and lots of diseases. That’s why there are many people who travel for this purpose especially. Besides, this places is well known for having medical spas that help the tourist to spend a good medical tour.

4- Sports Tourism:

People tend to such type of tourism while they need to take part in Olympic events, international matches, or for another purpose which is enjoying the live current events. However, there are different types of sports all over the world like diving, hunting, climbing mountains, and participating in other marathons and races. Moreover, this type of tourism is like an attraction to youth to enjoy their time.

5-Business Tourism:

This types of Tourism are for a specific category of people which is businessmen or the people who are interested in attending various conferences whether it is political, environmental, or social, etc. Moreover, this type of tourism is used to be combined with entertainment tours to visit the country and know more about its culture.


There still lots and lots of tourism types that cannot be handled or tackled in one article. This is only a quick hint about tourism and its time because determining the type of tour is the first step of travelling.

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