'Valentine in 5 Countries around the World

As today is the Valentine day in Egypt and the red color is everywhere and the streets are full of boys, girls, teddy bears, and flowers. So, Blue Ray will tackle the different traditions of the valentine day around the world. Let’s see:

1- Malaysia and Orange: yup, orange is totally vital in Malaysia’s valentine, as the girls there write their phone numbers on oranges and then throw it in the nearest river with the hope that the orange reaches their dream husband… A new Malaysian valentine day,

2- South Korea and Pasta: Here, we can say that South Korea has a white day and a black one. But, let us first mention that 14 of February is the valentine day in South Korea and girls express their love to the boys and bring gifts to them. The white day which is the 14 of March, the boys bring gifts to the girls which shall be triple what they received from the girls previously. However, the singles who do not receive any gifts or sweets in the white day, the 14 of April is their black day. They go to a Chinese restaurant to eat a black pasta as a sort of mourning,

3- Denmark and Egg: Let us say that there is a traditional way to celebrate the valentine day which is the white flowers instead of the red ones. But, there is another romantic way to celebrate the valentine in Denmark. The boy sends a short poem to the girl and then writes his name like dots and if the girl succeeded in knowing the boy, he will send an egg to her in the Easter,

4- Italy and Chocolate: Celebrating the valentine in Italy is totally traditional via flowers, gifts, and chocolate. But, there is something different. The single girls wake up early in the morning (this day) before the sunrise as there is a belief that the first single man she will meet this day, will marry him within a year. Also, one of the common gifts there is a hazelnut chocolate called “Baci Perugina” which is covered by a paper that has 4 quotes of loves with different languages,

5- France, Drawing, and Photos: one of the traditional ways to celebrate the valentine in France is known by “Drawing for Love”. It is all about that a man stands in front of the girl’s home until she accepts to date him. Also, in this day, the girls collect the photos of the boys that they broke up with them then burn these photos.

Tell us from where you are and the way of celebrating the valentine in your country!

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