'I Want to Travel – Steps
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Most of us dream to travel abroad for many reasons like entertainment or business. But when we hear the word travel, we used to recall many “bogeys” like visa, passport, and many other things that used to make us in trouble and as a result we delay the decision of traveling. That’s why Blue Ray will tackle in detail the steps that shall be followed to know from where you shall start to travel:

  1. ID: yup, your personal ID is the core of everything. It is all about the ID to get your passport and the visa. You have to make sure that your ID is not expired and if yes, you have to renew it. Also, in your ID, it shall be mentioned your job; as your destination country of course does not need a burden citizen to its citizens. However, in case that you are not a worker, the ID shall state your bachelor degree,
  2. Enlistment Certificate: Your enlistment status used to be written in the passport, as it cannot be that you do not finish your national period in the armed forces of your country and you ask to travel abroad! So, you will guarantee that the passports police will not arrest you; in case you are not prohibited from traveling for any other reason,
  3. The next step is to go to the passports agency to get your passport. So, you shall have your ID, bachelor certificate, enlistment certificate, 3 personal photos, commercial record, and taxes record (if you are a business owner). Then wait 3 days and you will have your passport,
  4. Now, you have to choose the country that you want to visit and decide if it is for entertainment, business, or a medical tour, etc. This will differ while extracting your visa as when you travel for entertainment, the embassy requires a bank statement to guarantee that you will not be a burden citizen over the country. Also, you have to know that there are countries that do not need visa to enter it like: Malaysia, Maldives, Indonesia, Jordan, and others,
  5. The next step is to extract the visa to your destination country. You have to own a passport that is valid for almost 6 months, flight tickets from one of the reputable tourism companies, a residence certificate if one of your friends invite you to come, and a bachelor certificate or commercial and taxes records. Also, you shall have a travel security permission as a proof that you are not involved in any terroristic activity,
  6. By doing the previous steps, you finished all the procedures concerning the passport and the visa. The only thing that remains is to find a good touristic company and start to book a hotel.

Now, you know how to complete you papers to travel abroad and get your passport and visa … Enjoy your trip!

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