'Have You Ever Heard About Water Caves?

The charm of every lake varies from the other according to the surrounding nature. So, in this article, Blue Ray will present and tackle the strangest and the fantabulous lakes all over the world.

The Blue Cave

It’s located near to Capri which is an island off the western coast of Italy, south of Naples. Also, what is so special about this cave is that it can only be reached across the ocean and by boats. Besides that, the only light you’ll find inside the cave comes from a 1.5-meter hole which allows the visitor to get into the cave through it. In addition, the shine light of the blue water which when reflected by the exterior light, grabs the attention as the magic of this cave attracts tourists from all over the world just to see it.

The Hidden Beach

Have you ever imagined that havoc can create such great view? Marieta islands were created as a result of volcano in Mexico; many centuries ago , which contains the hidden beach or the beach of love as it’s known. Also, hunting in this area is forbidden as it was declared as a nature reserve. Besides that, if you want to reach this island you’ve to find a boat with an entry permission except that it’s considered as a hidden beach for many people.

Ik Kil Cenote

This cenote is a deep natural well that overlooks the sky with a carved stairway on the sides. It looks like a peace of heaven because of the hanging plants, the waterfalls, and the black fishes which spread in the lake. Everything you need you’ll find there such as restaurants, markets, and homes for rent. So, if you’re searching for meditation in heaven, head now to the center of the northern Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico where you’ll find this marvelous lake.


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