'Welcome to Our Airport

The airport is considered as the interface of any country. It is not only a place that allows people to pass among countries, it became a part of the commercial and the touristic traffic of any country. It is the place through which the country can present how generous it is and how it can welcome its guests offering the best services to them. However, there are certain features that shall be found in any airport:

  • Speed: it is an important feature, as the airport shall offer any service quickly; including the procedures and the transportation,
  • Cleanliness: it is one of the most important factors for any project to succeed especially the airport. The airport deals with different people with different cultures and nationalities. The airport is open 24/7, so it needs a continuous cleaning process,
  • Service Availability: many people may think that i is just a place for people to pass through, but actually it is more than that. It services millions of people from different cultures. However, sometimes people have to stay in airports for a long time, so all services shall be available in the airport including shops, restaurants, rooms for guests, shower room, mothers’ rooms, and a clinic for emergencies,
  • Languages: airports are unique because it serves different people every day, so all services shall be offered in all languages. Besides, it shall help all people; the young, the old, and people with special needs.

In addition, airports can be a good cultural exhibition that reflects the country’s culture through performing some shows and providing it with books that tackle the history of the country.

However, the airport shall say “welcome” to the guests through its employees who should welcome people with a good attitude and a big smile.


If a country wants to have a better tourism service, it shall care first about the airport because it is a cultural interface that represents the country through many ways.

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