'What about Eid Al-Fitr 2017?

As Ramadan is almost farewell and Al-Eid is around the corner and the vacation is for three or four days; while other people think about taking the whole week as a vacation; so why to loss such chance without spending a good timing with your family and friends. However, there are some people who organize lots of hang outs while others think about traveling and getting out from the daily working routine. That’s why, Blue Ray decided to tackle with you the best cheapest places where you can spend this Eid. Let’s see:


Of course, all of us know Dubai, its beauty, and the marvelous skyscrapers there and how much it is beautiful as we tackled before. That’s why you shall not miss visiting it this Eid and spend a good vacation with your family while enjoying the entertainment places and shopping malls. Also, there are lots of hotels with reasonable prices especially in Eid. Moreover, if you want to spend a fantastic time, you cannot miss visiting Dubai Parks and Resorts where you can find lots of entertainment that make you spend a joyful time,

2- Malaysia and Sunway Lagoon

If you want to travel abroad and need an integrated place with lots of entertainment, zoo, funfairs, and malls, Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia is the best choice for you. There you will find aqua parks, hotels, resorts, swimming pool, and many other places that will make you feel as if you are living in another world,

3- Albania and the Picturesque Ksamil Beach

If you want to go to Europe, you shall not miss visiting Albania and enjoying the marvelous beaches and the wonderful natural reserves. Also, you can enjoy doing a shuttle tour to the resorts and enjoy the excitement atmosphere.

Tell us where are you going to spend this Eid?

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