'What about Rome?

Of course, all of us know the Italian capital Rome that is known for its arts and heritage. Also, it is known by its fabulous architectural heritage which is the main reason that Rome becomes one of the main historical cities. Besides, Rome is known for its museums, historical streets, and markets that make lots of visitors and tourists want to travel to it.

So, if you are thinking about traveling to Rome, there are many advices and tips that shall be known before traveling to guarantee a good vacation.

  • Summer is not the suitable season to visit Rome. Let us say that the weather in Rome is too hot at summer. Also, it is the peak season so you will suffer from crowdedness and high prices. That’s why autumn and spring are the best seasons,
  • While traveling to a European country, the thing that most of us afraid of is food. But, this will not happen in Rome as you are going to enjoy pasta, spaghetti, and pizza,
  • If you are going to visit the museums there, you have to book your tickets first to avoid crowdedness. Also, you have to know that the museums there are closed on Mondays,
  • Roman restaurants are not about “changes”. The restaurants there used to add the waiters’ services on the bills, so you do not need to pay extra changes to the waiters,
  • Avoid talking about football as the Roman people are too biased,
  • Streets in Rome are too narrow and there are too many places that do not allow cars to enter, so you have to be away for renting cars in Rome.

To conclude, you have to know more about Rome and the traditions there before traveling to guarantee a nice vacation.

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