'Your Guide to Sharm El-Sheikh Trip

Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most charming touristic cities in Egypt due to its fresh air, the red sea which is rich of coral reefs, and the attractive sightseeing places. In the following few lines, Blue Ray will guide you to the best short trip to Sharm El-Sheikh.

  1. Diving is one of the most known activities in Sharm El-Sheikh due to its fame of the magnificent marine life as in the depth of sea there is another charming world full of marine organisms that are worth pondering. For instance, the nature reserve (protected area) Ras Mohammed which is one of the magical places that is full of natural life; in both sea and land which includes a lot of animals, birds, and fishes which are about to extinct.
  2. Kitesurfing also is one of the most enjoyable activities to be practiced in red sea as most beaches provide special trainers to guide tourists for the best way to exercise such unforgettable sport.
  3. Going to Safari in the desert is considered as one of the most superior activities that tourists can never miss because of the Bedouin life, the natural beauty of the desert, the Bedouin tea, binge parties and singing around the fire.
  4. At the end of the day, you can take a tour in Neama Bay, the heart of the city, as it contains a lot of restaurants, cafes, stores, discos, and shops where you can get souvenirs. You can spend a whole night in Neama Bay and it’ll never be enough.


It will take you a lot of time to enjoy your trip to Sharm El-Sheikh. That’s why previously Blue Ray shows some of the best activities to be practiced in the city for a short vacation. So, arrange your priorities and organize your time to enjoy your trip till the maximum.

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